Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Momma-Koog Went to Market

So, The Wife works out of town and I am left to my own devices during the week. This means I have full responsibility for the house and the feeding of myself and our new puppy, Isaac.

Let's just say, I have a different palate than most. I love beans. Beans, beans, beans. Love 'em. Our pantry is stocked with all types of canned beans. Garbanzo, red kidney, pink kidney, lima, Green, and the list goes on and on. As long as I have my beans and vinegar, all is right in the world.

Needless to say, I don't need to stock or, even open the fridge since my beans are in cans.

Now, Momma-Koog came to visit me and Isaac 2.5 weeks ago. She is Italian and she loves her Koog, so she feeds her Koog.

It is always interesting watching the horror on my Mom's face when she looks at the contents of my fridge. This time was no exception.

Unfortunately, it has been a few weeks since The Wife has been home, so the fridge is feeling the pain. It was chock full of items that had expired at least 3 weeks prior to Momma-Koog's arrival. Being the great Mom that she is, she cleaned out the fridge. When I arrived home that night, she looked drawn and pale. She said there was nothing to eat in the house. Of course, I challenged this assertion. "What are you talking about? We have a whole pantry full."

She proceeded to the kitchen, opened the fridge and, alas, she was right! Besides gourmet mustard, sharp provolone cheese, beer, and BBQ sauces, the damn thing was empty. "How can you live like this?" she asks

I explained my bean addiction and told her we have a pantry full of meals. We could even make 3 bean salad out out any 3 beans she wanted. She was not amused.

So, Momma-Koog went to the grocery the next morning. When I got home, the house smelled amazing. A home cooked meal by a real, live Italian Mom. Heaven.

Maybe there is more to food than just beans.

Thanks, Ma. Isaac, me and The Fridge miss you already.


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